Constipation Treatment

Treating constipation doesn't have to be painful, and can in fact be quite easy. Many individuals who are constipated fear seeking treatment because they believe that it may be painful or involve costly surgery. The fact is, nothing could be further from the truth.

In otherwise healthy individuals without medical problems, one way to treat constipation is to increase the amount of water and dietary fiber being consumed each day. Adding more fruits and vegetables to one's diet can really have an effect on their ability to have bowel movements more freely.

While many turn to the use of drug store laxatives as a solution, these should generally be avoided. The problem with powerful laxatives is that the bowels can actually become dependent on them.

Enemas are another popular treatment method and while they can provide some relief, they do nothing to treat the actual cause of constipation - only the symptoms.

In alternative medicine circles, colonic irrigation herbal colon cleansing programs are effectively used for constipation treatment.